The School

Learning to play music underscores a harmonious life. More than charm the savage beast, it sets a pattern for mutually respectful and supportive personal relationships. It also tunes one's mind and senses, enhances memory and capacity to learn, provides emotional stability which motivates participation in activities, and it rewards accomplishment, not only while playing one's musical instrument, but in all areas of one's life.

Learning to play a part in the musical life, starting with the piano already in many homes, is the purpose and passion of PROART MUSICA. Our music schools are unique in the world.

Our students, from as young as age three, learn to play music – from their very first session -in a way that comes as naturally as having fun, and dedicates only 90 minutes per week.







What characterises PROART MUSICA more than anything is its long-lasting commitment to Research and Development, aimed at making the music-learning process a fun and dynamic activity. The professional musicians, teachers, technicians, and artists of PROART MUSICA, with headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, have dedicated 20 years to develop a method that enables any student to play the piano, and enjoy playing the piano, regardless of their age or talent, with no previous solfeggio lessons.

When our students and their parents ask us which is the maximum level that one can reach when playing the piano, we offer the following analogy, so as to provide an asnwer that can be comprehended quickly and easily. Anyone can learn to play the piano as well as they can write.  Not everyone is able to write at a professional level since only a few will become writers as a proffession, but nearly everyone will do so at a level that will allow them to communicate with others. At PROART MUSICA we aim for everyone to match their competence in playing the piano to that of writing, without preventing our students from reaching their maximum potential but also aware that such potential may not match the targets that each student sets for themselves.

In order to make this aim achievable, we have reconsidered all approaches that have been traditionally used, in order to allow individuals with a minimum level of talent and persevarence to access a musical education. All our R & D work is aimed at transforming the preconceived idea that only those who meet a specific set of requirements are able to learn to play a musical instrument. After more than 20 years of research our reality is far from this traditional view. Our students join PROART MUSICA at a very young age (from 3 years old) and enjoy music in an active manner, then leave to pursue their univeristy education. Although research has shown that the earlier one starts their musical education, the greater the educational benefit that is achieved, we also have plenty of students of different age groups, including adults and teenagers, who decide to incorporate the musical world into their lives at a later stage and discover the pleasure of being able to play the piano, even though they may never become proffesional musicians.