PROART MUSICA’s methodology

Extensive research proves that a large number of people begin to study music at a young age, most of them obliged by their parents, and then fail in the end beacuse they abandon their muscial studies, since they find these unmotivating and tedious and they must already meet the demands of their compulsory education. 


PROART MUSICA's methodology combines an electronic keyboard and computer, which together provide a specific arrangement of basic tools and space. Our contiuous pedagogical and technical development  has the mission to direct the teacher's role in his/her task to facilitate the student, through an adaptative curriculum, to get to his/her highest possible level,  regardless of age or talent and always in a fun and effective atmosphere. 


PROART MUSICA has developed:


  • A method designed for children from 3 to 6 years of age which includes both books and software. These allow young students to play the piano from the very first day and to learn in an entertaining manner, making use of their natural learning process.
  • A method designed for students from 7 to 12 years of age, which involves the creation of theory books throughout consecutive lessons using the computer, meaning that each student has a personalised design. This method includes a computer programme which not only allows students to "decorate" their scores but also constitutes a powerful tool for practice and reinforcement exercises. 
  • A method for teenage students and another for adults. Here, technology also plays a practical and motivating role. 
  • An array of additional tools which include both books and software, which make practicing from home easier and fun yet very effective.