Sede central en Palma de Mallorca

It is no coincidence that we have chosen Palma de Mallorca as the location for our headquarters. No other land has fascinated so many different civilisations originating from different corners of the world. The variety of ethnicities and cultures that have come together in this perfectly-situatied archipielago are those responsible for the determination of their peoples and the available cultural and environmental richness that allows for creativity and exchange with the rest of the world. 


Fotos de Palma de Mallorca

Writers, musicians, painters, architects, poets and an endless number of artists have travelled to the Islands seeking inspiration or they have settled here permanently. Robert Graves, Frederic Chopin, Joan Miró, the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, John Utzon…they are only a small example of creators that have found in these Islands the necessary inspiration to then achieve their worlwide recognition.

Yet even more local artists, from within the priviledged island of Mallorca, have managed to or are currently taking their artwork and their scientific and business knowledge to international levels. 

PROART MUSICA feels, within its vains, the presence of this valuable heritage as well as the constant input that this land, gifted with an invaluable capacity to fight and adapt, has to offer and which serves as the source of inspiration for all of our projetcs.