PROART MUSICA's method applies art and technology to the music-learning process. It integrates images, scores, computers, and the musical instrument in a way that stimulates and entertains each student, thereby rewarding one's accomplishment from the start and encouraging proficiency going forward.


Each player, as a member of a learning ensemble (class lessons of seven students at seven pianos), coordinates the action of their hands on the keyboard with action pictures and scores appearing on a computer screen atop their piano. Each group sees a unique set of music sheets tailored to their own age and ability. Each student plays her or his own part as a member of the ensemble, and together they learn to hear and to appreciate music as a team as well as individually, while being exposed to music styles from Classical to POP, ROCK to JAZZ.


One of the star projects of PROART MUSICA is the creation of what may possibly be the first keyboard orchestra in the world: THE BIG PIANO BAND. What makes this orchestra even more unique is the idea of composing our own music in jazz style melted with popular themes from the classical music world. Every year we incorporate into the orchestra a selection of our best students so that they can play live and show the world our particular way of understanding and enjoying music. 


Though our method makes learning easy and fun, PROART MUSICA sets and achieves high performance standards. Our students generally pass the test of the world's toughest music judges: the Trinity College of London Music Examinations Board, the premier standard bearers in the world of music. And all of our students receive top honours as they learn to play music together.

Here is a musical education that students of all ages applaud!



PROART MUSICA invites prospective students and their parents to visit any of our schools in order to witness our method in practice. A convenient appointment is easily arranged by telephone or email. Please contact us today for more information about the part we may play in your musical life.